Frequently asked questions:

1) What does it cost to ship large pieces of antique furniture and how long does it take to receive?

    Surprisingly it is quite inexpensive for Mr. Beasley's Antiques to ship any piece of antique furniture we sell directly to you, due to the fact that we have great relationships with various shipping companies. For example, it will cost approximately $300 to ship a large dining table from our warehouse in California to New York! This price would include full packing, shipping, insurance, and you would receive the table in about 5 to 7 business days.  The price and delivery time can vary from time to time, depending on what our customer would require in regards to their particular delivery needs. These unique variations are based on the customers particular requirements, such as full service in house delivery and set up, or simple curbside delivery. Unfortunately we can not quote shipping prices directly on our web site because there are many different factors to consider. For example: does the customer want a full service delivery? Does the item require special packing due to glass or marble? Does the item need to be taken upstairs? Does the item need to be assembled, and so on. As you can see there are many variables to take in to consideration when it comes to shipping a piece of antique furniture, but be assured that we will always get you the best rate possible!  We would encourage you to call or email our sales staff prior to making a purchase and they will be able to provide you with a shipping quote. Once your purchase is made we will make all of your shipping arrangements on your behalf.

2) How can I be assured that you are a real business?

    We have been in business since 1974, we are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured brick-and-mortar company. We are a fully accredited company with the Better Business Bureau, they have all of our license information on file. If you would like to verify this please follow this link:  BBB Accreditation Mr. Beasley's Antiques 

3) Do you take returns?

    Yes, we do take returns. All returns are subject to a 20% restock fee less outbound shipping. It is the customers responsibility to ship the item back to us. You can read more about our return policy on our terms of use page by clicking this link: TERMS or you can call or email our sales staff for further information.

4) Do you have a retail location that I can visit?

    We do not have a retail location open to the public. All of the items we have available for sale to the public are viewable and available for purchase directly thru our website and are warehoused in one of our 7 warehouses in Riverside, California. We do offer will call for items purchased locally by appointment only. We are an actual functioning antique furniture warehouse, where our items are offered on line to the public thru our website!

5) Why are your prices so cheep?

    We offer our antique items at wholesale pricing thru our website to the public. Our prices are less than what you would pay for a new quality hand made piece of furniture. In most cases if you were to buy just the raw wood alone from your local lumber yard it would cost more than the finished product we sell. Our overhead is low, our mark up is very low, and because we work on volume we are able to offer great prices combined with excellent service!

6) How do I know that what I receive will be quality and not junk?

    We have been in business since 1974, we would never sell a piece of antique furniture that we would not put in our own home. We only sell quality antiques that have been well maintained and cared for over the years and will be used for generations to come. We do not sell garage sale, flee market, or yard sale items that are rickety old pieces of junk that are falling apart, we carry only the best!

7) Who are your customers?

    Although the majority of our business is done with other antique dealers, auction houses, designers , and decorators we do provide quality antique items to 100's of people a month just like you that want a quality piece of antique furniture that can be enjoyed and handed down for generations to come!

8) How do I contact your company regarding purchasing a item, shipping quote, or arranging shipping?

    You can contact our sales staff via telephone 7 am to 3 pm pacific time at (951)682-8127 or by email 24/7 and they will answer any questions you have. Click contact in order to see all of our contact information.

9) Are your items real antique or reproductions?

    Be assured that the items we sell are real antique items! All items have a description that give the general age as well as the material that the item is made of. We do not sell reproductions. If you have a question regarding a particular item we would encourage you to contact our sales staff and they will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

10) Do you take consignments or sell items for people on your website?

    100% of our vast inventory is owned by Mr. Beasley's Antiques. We do not take consignments or sell items for individuals online through our website. We only sell items that are of the best quality that have been hand picked by our discriminating buyers.
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