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    Mr. Beasley’s Antiques was founded in 1974 in Riverside, California by Mr. Gary Flyr. Our first location was a converted stable on the back side of the historic Mission Inn in Downtown Riverside. Many people ask us where did the name Mr. Beasley's Antiques come from? The name Mr. Beasley was actually the Flyr family's English sheep dog, this is how it all started. From an early age Mr. Flyr had a strong appreciation as well as a connection to hand made furniture due to the fact that his father was a master furniture maker. He not only learned the craft but had developed a strong admiration for antique furniture and spent many years mastering his craft as well as studying the works of master craftsman thru out the world. This desire to gain knowledge of his art continues to this day.  While working as an apprentice in France, Mr. Flyr though about the possibility of bringing some of the remarkable pieces of Furniture that he has seen and worked on in Europe to the US in order to make such unique items available for all to enjoy back home. With a strong will and even stronger desire Mr. Flyr was able to send his first container of European antique furniture to the US, needless to say it was a huge success!


Over the years Mr. Beasley's Antiques has grown by leaps and bounds. We currently have warehouses not only in the US but Europe as well. We are recognized as one of the largest antique dealers United States with  one of the largest collections of quality American and European antique Furniture available online. Our customer base is vast, it consists of an individual that wants to ad a unique and quality piece of antique furniture to their home which can be handed down for generations to come, to a corporate customer that is looking for that unique piece of antique furniture or that amazing architectural element to bring their design or idea to life!  It is not unusual to see antique furniture or architectural elements that are from Mr. Beasley's Antiques in print ads, on TV, at the movies, in stores, restaurants, offices, or simply in your friends and neighbors house!


We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our on line antique store. We hope that you enjoy looking at all of the gorgeous pieces of original antique furniture, architectural elements, and collectibles that we have available for you online. If you have any questions regarding a particular item or shipping, please contact our online sales associates and they will answer any questions you may have. Once again thank you for visiting our online antique store we look forward to providing you with the best quality antique furniture at a great price combined with great customer service!